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Employment Law

Nebraska Employment Law Lawyer

You have probably heard that Nebraska is an "employment at will" state. What that means is that absent a contract, or a specific law prohibiting it, an employer in Nebraska can hire, fire, promote, demote or change a term or condition of employment "at will." This doesn't necessarily mean that an employer can do whatever it wants to its employees. There are several laws which regulate the workplace that must be followed by employers.

At Kellogg & Palzer, P.C., we have handled cases involving discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, marital status, religion and national origin. We have handled cases of retaliation, unpaid wages, breaches of employment contracts, and violations of the Family Medical Leave Act, Wage & Hour.

If you are an employer seeking representation, at Kellogg & Palzer, P.C. we help you mold your employee policies to avoid conflicts before they happen. Sometimes, it is inevitable that an employee has to be terminated. We work with our employer clients to make sure that all state and federal laws are followed and that the action occurs in the fairest and most professional manner possible.

If you are employee seeking representation, at Kellogg & Palzer, P.C. we work with you to determine if you have a viable claim, and how best to proceed with that claim. Often times employment claims are filed in tribunals other than civil court. For example, claims of discrimination typically are first filed with the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission. Claims of unemployment are heard by the Unemployment Compensation Court. Having an attorney help you navigate the web of procedures in these cases is invaluable. In order to review a claim, we set up an appointment with you, generally a half hour, to review the evidence and discuss how best to proceed. Unfortunately, on employment cases we can not offer free consultations, so the regular hourly rate applies. However, we try to expedite the process so that you will know how best to proceed with your case, without incurring substantial fees.

If you want to have Kellogg & Palzer, P.C. assist you with your employment situation, please contact our office to set up an appointment to review your situation.

At the Omaha law offices of Kellogg & Palzer, we represent clients throughout Nebraska, including Bellevue, Nebraska City, Lincoln, Columbus, Fremont, Blair, Norfolk, Plattsmouth, Wahoo, Sioux City, South Sioux City, Douglas County, Lancaster County, Sarpy County, Saunders County, Cass County, Otoe County, Dodge County, Washington County, Burt County, Cuming County, Madison County and Platte County.