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Feedback From Past Clients

When we finally made the decision to set up a Living Trust it was an easy choice for me. When searching online I found Kellogg and Palzer Law firm. When I saw Julia’s friendly smile on her website I knew she would be a nice/fun person and guide us through this process. Plus we share the same name! We made an appointment to meet Julia and begin the process. On our first visit she fully explained the difference between a Living Trust vs a Will and we left confident what we wanted and we hired Julia to help us with our Estate Planning. Julia is knowledgeable and a great communicator. She called and emailed every time she said she would. We had documents ready for our review within a day. Absolutely a pleasure to work with. When documents where completed she hand delivered our Estate Planning binder to our home! Had I known how easy this was going to be we would have done this task sooner!

Thank you!

* * *

We had a great experience working with Julia. It was clear that she had been doing estate planning for a long time and was good at it. We highly recommend her. Thanks, Julia!

* * *

My brother passed away about a year ago. I was appointed the personal rep for the estate. I had no idea what to do so along with mourning my brother I was stressed to do my job as rep. I contacted an attorney here local in Millard but after talking to him he seemed disinterested. I then set up an appt with Kellogg & Palzer. When I talked to Jeff Palzer I knew I had made my choice. It was a long process going through probate but Jeff explained it all as each requirement was met, It took about 7 mos but it is now over. Jeff was both great at being an attorney but also as a human being. He understood that for me it was a big deal even though he had done this many times, His compassion for you made him the best attorney I have ever dealt with. I can’t recommend him enough. If you have probate needs or a trust you need worked on contact Jeff. it will be one of your best choices

-Dino B

* * *

Very responsive and addressed my need promptly. I would recommend their services for anyone in need!

-Riley Heller

* * *

Julia is fantastic. She really took time to explain the entire process and answer all of our questions. I trust her and highly recommend her

-Samantha Viola

* * *

Julia made our estate planning process very easy. We used many of her recommendations. Julia is very thoughtful and answered all of our questions. She made us feel important, treated us like we were VIP’s. 😊

-Nicole Mattson

* * *

Julia did a great job and I am very happy with my final will and trust documents. I feel they are very thorough and address every potential circumstance that could arise. She brought up several possible scenarios that I hadn’t even thought of. I now feel good knowing my hard-earned assets will eventually go where I want them to and everything is in place to take care of me should I not be able to take care of myself. I would highly recommend.

-Debrah Steele

* * *

My wife and I had a great experience with Julia Palzer. Julia was very responsive to our communications and thoroughly answered all of our questions promptly and completely. My wife particularly liked her positive attitude and we would highly recommend her.

-Michael Guerrero

* * *

I was looking for a probate attorney to handle my mother’s estate and happened to find Julia Palzer. Let me just say, she is amazing!!! Julia is polite, knowledgeable, and so easy to work with. She responds quickly to inquiries and keeps you well informed throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a probate attorney.

-Gabrielle Nero

* * *

“I hired Julia to create a trust for me and I could not have been more pleased with my experience in working with her. She made me feel comfortable and confident with the process from our very first meeting to the last. Her professionalism, communication style, warm personality and strong understanding of her client’s needs made me completely trust her from the get go. I would 10/10 recommend working with Julia and her team… you cannot go wrong with Julia!”

-Christine Hansen

* * *

“I recently hired Julia Palzer to establish my LLC. She was very kind, professional, and incredibly helpful. She set up my business and even helped get me in contact with others who could help me in different aspects of my new company. She got us up and running faster than I thought was possible, and she was always very quick to respond to my questions. Thank you, Julia.”

-Lauren Barry, Bugeaters Backyard Defense, LLC

* * *

“Julia helped me plan my estate after my husband passed away without a will. She asked all the right questions to determine what my concerns were, and she recommended what she felt would best suit my needs.

First she helped me figure out if probate was necessary. Once that was figured out, we moved onto the will, and powers of attorney for health care and property. She helped me decide who I wanted to take care of my assets, my children, myself, and how exactly that would happen.

Not only did my husband not have a will, but he had multiple accounts with money such as 401k and investments that I needed help with, so she gave me three different names of financial advisors, so I could make sure my current financial needs are covered, as well.

Julia thoroughly explained every step of the process, gave me ample time to look things over and ask questions, and gave me lots of recommendations and advice based on what she knew of my family situation. She even took my religious views into account, to make sure every base was covered.

Julia is a caring and kind person, and cares about her clients and their needs. She is straightforward and gives you all the details, leaving nothing to chance. I am so very thankful that I found her! I would recommend Julia to anyone without any hesitation! She made the difficult time after my husband’s death easier, and helped me find the confidence to make those important decisions. Thank you, Julia!”

-Shannon Gilbride

* * *

“We are honored and privileged to endorse Jeff Palzer as a legal consultant. Being a new resident to the Omaha area, we requested and received a recommendation from our Farmers Insurance Agent for a skilled Omaha lawyer. We needed a lawyer who charges a reasonable price for services that specializes in “Special Needs Trust”. We highly recommend Jeff for your legal needs. He makes legal issues understandable and is always focused on achieving the best results for his clients. Jeff is easy to talk to and thoroughly explains the process, so that, you fully understand the legal reasons that support the Trust. It is comforting to know, we now have a family lawyer to help us with any future legal issues.”

-Mark Bruns

* * *

“Thank you, Julia, for all you have done for us. You have allowed this to be as painless as possible and it has been a privilege to work with your firm and especially getting to know you as an attorney and as such a caring person. My best to you.”

-Julie Quackenbush

* * *

“Jeff and Julia completed our will and trust soon after we were married. Because we have a blended family with five adult children, there were a lot of sensitive issues that needed to be addressed. The Palzers respectfully navigated the delicate nature of the separation of pre-marital and marriage assets, how to handle executors and many other difficult decisions. They very patiently listened to what was important to both of us and ethically guided us through this process. We feel confident that we would have never received the same combination of expertise and concern for our needs with any other firm. We will continue to recommend this firm for any legal services required.”

-Ken and Cindi Incontro